BMW R80 G/S ”Paris Dakar” tourmotor

Discover ultimate freedom with our BMW R80 touring motorbike – a legendary machine that breathes adventure. This powerful motorbike has already made an unforgettable journey, from the heart of the Netherlands, Utrecht, all the way to bustling Johannesburg. With every mile, this motorbike has proved its reliability and robustness, ready to explore new horizons and create new stories.

With its iconic design and impressive performance, the BMW R80 is not just another motorbike; it is a symbol of limitless possibilities and unlimited adventures. Whether you want to cruise through winding mountain roads or traverse the vast plains, this touring motorbike is ready to accompany you on whatever path you choose.

Seize this opportunity to explore the world on a machine that has already proven it is up to any challenge. With its distinctive looks and reliable performance, the BMW R80 touring motorbike will not disappoint you. Contact us today and start your own unforgettable journey!

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