Westfield Cup Racer

  • Gewicht 570 kg
  • Vermogen 185 pk
  • Transmissie Handgeschakeld
  • Versnellingen 5
  • Motorinhoud 1998 cc

2 Ready to run Westfield racers for sale

Super fun and affordable racing in the Westfield Cup, very light (570kg) / 185 pk / (Zandvoort laptime 1:53).

Race ready Westfield cup racer, including AIM display (MXL2) incl, GPS and laptimer / datalogger + camera.

All relevant upgrades like Suspension (dampers rebuild 2022) + bushings and uniballs, etc + rebuild engine (2022) (2.0 Ford Zetec), rebuild gearbox (BGH), upgraded flywheel, all according to regulations. Car comes including extra set rims+tires. Professionally serviced by Tachyon Motorsport.