1992 Mack RW 612


Registration: BP-GF-08
Original registration date: 1991
Engine: 11L 350 bhp 6 cylinder diesel (E6-350) with 1731 Nm
Gearbox: Mack TRTXL1070 with 12 gears
Suspension: air suspension
Weight: 7600 kg


A maverick in the collection: the size is huge, the weight is mighty, the cylinder capacity tough, the turbos are double, the fuel is diesel, the fueltank capacity 1000 litres and it can have 55 litres of coolant. The racetruck from Tachyton Motorsport started as a promotion truck for DHL, the company that imported him from Canada in 1992. The Mack was used for transporting air containers between Copenhagen and Brussels in the mean time, when it was really necessary. Now the name of an even better courier company adorns the truck. Will be present at nearly all Dutch racing events as moving ‘home’ for two cars and ‘sleep and stay’ for the crew.