Soest, double the fun: two Mitsubishi Lancer Evo’s VI

DoubleDelicious offer at Tachyon Motorsport: two left hand drive Mitsubishi Lancer Evo’s VI in brilliant shape, including a low milleage and lots of racing character!
Still feeling grey? In case you didn’t notice: #TheEvolutionofMotorsport comes in #Black & #White. This must be your lucky day…

Shooting two #RallyLegends at the same time is like twice as much fun. Since the Lancer Evo is all about driving fun, we felt like this was the only right way to display the cars. Now we don’t want to spoil the fun already, but here’s the fact: while preparing the shoot, someone got his hands on the white one… And was very grateful for it.

This leaves us with the ‘Black Edition’. The high-powered Japanese masterpiece is German from origin, looks stunning and drives as sharp as a knife. Tachyon Motorsport made the Evo race ready again. Because that’s where this street legal homologation of the 90s rally icon is best at.

More info will follow soon. Can’t wait for that? Please contact us —> / +31 35 6037993