Soest, the Marcos 1800 GT has returned to its nest.

COMEBACK KIT: this fully upgraded, highly competitive 1965 Marcos 1800 GT has returned to its nest. The Tachyon Motorsport nest.

The Marcos 1800 GT is an awesome lightweight racing car with oldschool wooden chassis: super fast and great fun in handling due to its modest 600 kilo’s. However, this particular one is also a loyal guest to our workshop. A long time ago Tachyon Motorsport completely rebuilt the car to make it race-win ready. What makes it extra special, is the fact that we totally re-designed the suspension from scratch in-house. Thereafter we gave the Marcos technical support for years, until the owner sold the GT to his successor in Germany.

Now, some time later, we’re preparing the Marcos for the next episode in racing history. Again. The German owner has great plans with his car, and called in our help to make those plans happen. Of course, we couldn’t say no to that. A warm welcome for this highly appreciated ‘Comeback kiT’!