Mille Miglia 2023, it’s a wrap!

Last week, the most beautiful race in the world took place again; the Mille Miglia.

On 13 June, the cars started from Brescia to tackle a drive of over 2,200 kilometres.

A great challenge. Not only for the drivers, but also for the technicians to get the cars oiver the finish line. We are proud to announce that all three cars prepared by Tachyon Motorsport crossed the finish line without a single problem.

In collaboration with The Houtkamp Collection, no fewer than 33 cars appeared at the starting line to be guided by 12 mechanics. Almost all cars were able to cross the finish line in this very challenging edition.

Instead of 4, the organisers pulled ahead 5 days to drive from Brescia to Rome and back to Brescia again. Stopovers such as the beautiful city of Parma and the world-famous city of Milan were visited.

In short, we can say that this year has once again been a great success. On to next year!