We are readying up for Mille Miglia 2023.

The Mille Miglia is more than just a simple ride around Italy; it’s a legendary endurance race that demands the utmost skill, endurance, and preparation. The event, which dates back to 1927, takes drivers on a grueling 1,200-mile journey across the beautiful Italian countryside, through winding roads, and small villages, and over mountain passes.

To prepare for such an intense race, drivers and their teams must undergo extensive preparations. This includes not only physical conditioning but also vehicle preparation. It’s crucial to make sure that the car is in top condition and can withstand the long journey through Italy’s varied terrain.

In many ways, the preparation of the car is even more important than the preparation of the driver. A vehicle that has not undergone proper maintenance and inspection is unlikely to make it to the finish line. To ensure the car’s performance, a team must carefully inspect every part of the car, from the engine to the transmission, the brakes to the suspension. Any potential problems must be identified and rectified before the race begins.

At Tachyon, we understand the importance of car preparation for the Mille Miglia. We are currently preparing two classic cars, a Jaguar XK120 OTS and Maserati A6 1600, for the race. As such, we are committed to ensuring that they cross the finish line with as few problems as possible.

Our team of mechanics and engineers is working tirelessly to make sure that every aspect of the cars is thoroughly inspected and maintained. We are confident that our efforts will pay off, and the cars will perform to the best of their ability on race day.

In conclusion, the Mille Miglia is not just a simple ride around Italy; it’s a grueling endurance race that requires extensive preparation and skill. Car preparation is a crucial aspect of this preparation, and at Tachyon, we take this responsibility seriously. We invite you to follow us on our journey as we prepare our classic cars for this legendary event.