Wheels at the Palace 2023, a beautiful event.

Looking back on a fantastic weekend in the grounds of the enchanting Soestdijk Palace, we can conclude that this year was another roaring success. 

Tachyon Motorsport joined hands with the same partner as last year, Brooks Classic, and in doing so, Tachyon Engineering was also present on our stand. 

The weather, the visitor numbers and also no shortage of interest at the Tachyon stand shared with Brooks Classics! In between, the orange Panda 4×4 also ‘briefly’ found a new owner…

We were able to welcome many existing customers and acquaintances to our stand, but also met many new people. 

This year, we again did our best to showcase as much as possible. From a classic Arnolt Bristol to the latest technological developments in turbochargers. 

True to tradition, the Viper GTSR caught many eyes. Others came to marvel at the Arnolt Bristol whose engine and gearbox we had the pleasure of overhauling. But at least as much attention was paid to the Dusseldorp BMW-delivered Alpina B3 with turbos by Tachyon Engineering.

A weekend to be proud of and we hope to see everyone at our stand again next year.