1963 Morgan +4 Super Sport


Registration: TOK 258
Original registration date: 1963
Engine: 2138 cc Triumph 4 in-line
Chassis: Wooden chassis, alloy body
Gearbox: Moss Gear, 4 speed
Differential: open diff, 3.73
Suspension: independent vertical coil at the front and a rigid axle at the rear
Weight: 760 kg


In the Morgan motorsports history TOK 258 is the car to take off your hat for. Thanks to Christopher Lawrence, who bought the car almost brand new in 1958. The next year he drove the ‘Freddy Dixon Trophy’ with the car (’19 wins out of 23 rounds’), set the lap record for two-litre cars at Silverstone and was the leader of his class during the Goodwood TT. In 1962 Lawrence and his co-driver Richard Shepperd-Baaron drove TOK to the victory in their class during the 24h of Le Mans. TOK is still racing, at historical events. It’s this spirit that appeals to us at Tachyon Motorsport.

Based on a historical chassis, we repair and prepare this +4SS for a devotee of Morgan’s, with the specs from that time. Wooden chassis, alloy body, dedicated roll cage, full-race, FIA-specs. Also next year a very strong and competitive participant in the Harc NK Historic Touringcars & GT’s. With a mark of honour.


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