1964 Kougar Sports MkII 6 in-line


Original registration date: 10-10-1964
Chassis number: 10190788s
Engine: Jaguar 6 in-line
Weight: 940 kg


Back to basics. Driving in its purest form. It’s possible with this sensationally beautiful Kougar Sports Mk2! Only the Jaguar badges on the front and the back of the car, and the steering wheel, reveals where this spectacular two-seater is based on. Rick Stevens, founder of Kougar Cars Limited, accomplished his ultimate dream in 1979 by building a car with its own unique identity.

Although Kougar is built mostly from techniques of Jaguar, the car has its very own design, which makes it look like no other car. For example, look at the beautiful grille and ‘loose’ Brookland windows, just to mention a few characteristics. However,yet you can see some of the legendary Frazer Nash TT and Healey Silverstone; cars where Stevens had a great fondness for.

Behind the distinguished and pure design, there’s a powerful 3.8 liter 6-cylinder engine, linked to a manual gearbox. Both are derived from the Jaguar S-Type; one of the donor cars of Kougar. Therefore the first registration date is declared in 1964, while the car was transformed into a Sports Mk2 in 1988. In April 1999 this Kougar was provided with a Dutch license. Since then, the car has been perfectly maintained by us.

The distinctive British Racing Green color shines beautifully and amazes every road user. And if it’s not the paint, it’s the car itself that makes everyone smile! This one is both optically and technically really in immaculate condition; so for the upcoming years driving pleasure is guaranteed! The included documentation and bills also confirm the unique shape of this car.

Even though how beautiful, good and unique this car is; the most important thing to know is what the Kougar Sports Mk2 is able to, as it comes to ultimate driving experience. After all, no other car performs as straight as this two-seater sports car. Every steering movement succeeds as quickly as pure. Like you have direct contact with the asphalt underneath you. The extremely low seating position reinforces that feeling even more. And then there’s that engine sound! The typical raw roar let your body shiver. Like a hungry lion waking up from a deep hibernation. So intense, so pure.