1965 Porsche 911


Chassisnumber: 303794
Registration: AE-34-10 (Dutch)
Original Registration Date: 30-06-1966
Engine: 6 cilinder, 1.991cc, dry sump, 193 HP
Weight: 1.002kg


During 1967 and ’68, Porsche built 24 extremely Special cars, the 911 R’s, the intention having been to take the 911 concept to its absolute limit. Never homologated into the GT classes, the R was normally forced to compete against out-and-out sports prototypes. Nevertheless, this hottest of hot rods managed to secure a variety of important victories. At 815kg, the whole package was substantially lightened, the R weighing an amazing 230kg less than the production 911. The engine too was a bit special. Porsche’s 1991cc Type 901/22 flat six.

It featured a reinforced crankshaft, titanium connecting rods and chrome-plated cylinder barrels with aluminium heads containing platinum-tipped Bosch spark plugs. The crankcase was normally magnesium but occasionally aluminium. Compression was set at 10,3:1 and although a pair of triple choke Weber 46IDA3C carbs were normally installed, some cars were equipped with the 910’s Bosch fuel injection system. Occasionally, R’s were ordered with the even more extreme Type 901/21 engine, this 230 bhp four camshaft engine coming directly from the 906. More surprising was that a couple of the experimental R’s were modified by the factory to use the Sportomatic SAT transmission. Whatever the final configuration though, all were startlingly quick.

This unique and highly collectible Porsche prototype was used by the factory to develop both the 906 and 911R. The car was built in 1965 as a GT Prototype test bed and development car for the famous 906 racing engine and was then further developed to compete for the Porsche works in the World Championship GT series.

The 906 type racing engine was development of the 2.0 litre flat six 911 unit, however, with much modification from the Porsche racing department, including the very special and extremely rare “electron” engine cases for lightness and durability. These engines are much sort after and are revered in racing circles as they achieve the magic figureof 100 bhp per litre, in most cases they exceeded it as the output was in fact 210 bhp. The car comes with a transcript from APP Racing stating the engine, no. 90110110201 is the correct 906 type, and also we have an extract from the Porsche book “Das grosse Buch der Porsche Typen” in which the car is listed with this information.

The car is also fitted with one of the three, ultra rare “Monte Carlo” transmissions built by the factory, this information is also confirmed by the engine specification sheets. APP Racing, who are well regarded as international Porsche experts and competitors in Euro GT, Supercar Challenge and the FIA GT series, recently carried out a comprehensive engine rebuilt on the car bringing theengine back to its correct specification, this included two new “911 S” heads specially converted to 906 specification. Dyno sheets of testing are supplied with the car, showing that it is currently rated at 197 bhp in its present long distance set up, however it has also ran at 204 bhp in sprint tune. A full brake rebuild was also carried out at the same time using original parts and the vendor informs us that only a few hours of testing has been completed on the car to bring it’s current race ready condition.

Having competed in various historic race events from the late 1980’s we understand the car had previously been restored in 1992, however it has been maintained by APP Racing since 1988. Presented today in “ready to race” condition and is supplied with full FIA papers, this must be one of the most significant ’65 competition 911’s known to exist.