1970 Volvo Amazon 122S


Registration: AL-85-95
Original registration date: 5-11-1969
Engine: B20B, 2.000 cc with 2 Dellorto carburettors, 175 hp
Weight: 1060 kg


This Amazon has been provided to Volvo Motorsport by the Swedish Volvo Dealer Team and has always been a rally car. The engine is a B20 type of 2.000 cc with Dellorto carburettors. At the current state it delivers about 175 hp. The complete car has been build as rally car and is still the same as in 1970. All owners ever since 1970 are known. The car has driven Dutch rally’s recently. Although the car doesn’t look light and fast, it’s a very effective, competitive and strong rally car which is faster than many modern rally cars.