1964 Marcos 1800 GT


Original registration date: 1964
Engine: Volvo 4 cylinder 1780cc engine
Gearbox: Volvo m40 4 speed
Differential: salisbury LSD, 3.7
Suspension: wishbones at the front and a live axle at the rear
Weight: 640 kg


The Marcos founders, Jem Marsh and Frank Costin, had very unusual ideas about developing a fast and lightweight sports car. Frank Costin was a intuitive designer who helped designing the ‘De Havilland Mosquito’ bomber. For the Marcos Marsh and Costin combined a plywood chassis with a Volvo engine. They ensured a minimal air-resistance and made the car as light as achievable.
Results were phenomenal. Who has ever driven a Marcos will always remain impressed by the stiffness of a wooden chassis and the sportiness of the not as racing engine designed Volvo 4 cylinder 1780cc engine. This Marcos is one of the fastest cars in the NK Historic Touringcars & GT’s.